Bathroom not only removes all your makeup and worldly concerns, it also brings you a moment of peace, comfort and joy with your family, and it’s an enjoyable space for illuminating your own and simplifies your morning routine. Begin a new day from Norhs Morning ...

After travelling, you need a space for hearing your heart clock. Resort, Villa or Commercial Hotel, Norhs Hotel Mirror, Diversified products in different styles, sizes and angles or arcs present you with different beauty of bathroom. Reflect ambience, Illuminate ...

To perfect every article and detail in a mirror, Norhs does its best to make every product fit for life decoration, enliven it with artistic element and seek perfect merging of spatial factors. Norhs Decorative Mirrors, the Beauty of an Arc Just to the Point, perfectly fit to your any corner,any ...

Design Vision

nordic fashion mirror

« Nordic Fashion

Norhs Galactic LED mirror reflects a character of Serenity, Purity and Simplicity. Illuminate your space Bright up your life

wooden frame mirror

« Rustic Factors

Norhs Antiqued wrought iron, wooden framed mirrors, are expressing a nature culture of Metallic, Nordic feeling, a taste of unique architectural

Royal Noble »

Shimmering, golden, classic are showing aristocratic due to its tessellated hand-shaped mosaic and traditional techniques

mosaic frame mirror

Traditional Craft »

Norhs Art mirror, are widely accepted and satisfied by common bathroom space. Practical and cost-efficiency for each house daily use

bathroom wall mirror

About Us

Norhs,a mirror company working in exquisite mirrors design and manufacturing, insisting to keep pace with each client’s demand, continue to extend and upgrade the product lines. Currently we have a variety of traditional aluminum frames, stainless steel frames, Etching pattern and LED multifunctional mirrors, while increasing research and development of stone, mosaic, wooden frames, leather, paving and other technology home furnishing mirrors...





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