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Located in the famous branding ceramic city- Foshan, where is superior for industrial raw materials, production technology and convenient transportation conditions.

Norhs, which is professional in R&D, is manufacturing various home decorative mirrors, bathroom mirrors and accessories. Each model is made of A-grade float glass and finished by 3rd generation eco-friendly mirror. They are high reflective, giving clear and lifelike image, copper-free, preventing black edge corrosion that gets a durable lifetime quality even under bathroom humidity space. Each Led lighting belt is with CE, ROHS, TUV, UL approved and other professional three-party certification.

Norhs, insisting to keep pace with each client’s demand, continue to extend and upgrade the product lines. Currently we have a variety of traditional aluminum frames, stainless steel frames, Etching pattern and LED multifunctional mirrors, while increasing research and development of stone, mosaic, wooden frames, artificial leather, paving and other technology home furnishing mirrors. All these categories are attractive and they exported to the Middle East, South America, Europe and other more than 80 countries.

Norhs, Welcome customers from all over the world. We constantly communicate with each other and more strive for perfection.

Our Project

Norhs showroom

Our Distributors

When shimmering mosaic mirrors attract many Middle East wholesalers,
kinds of designers from worldwide are connecting with our Antiqued
wrought Iron mirror.

Norhs Galactic illuminated LED mirrors are already selected and shipped to
their showroom by European distributor’s because of its characters - Simplicity,

Purity and Modern taste.

Norhs hotel project

Norhs Categories Fit to

1. Commercial Projects
2. Community Projects
3. Residential Projects
4. Resort Hotel Projects

Our Quality

Copper - Free mirror
   Preventing black edge.

Norhs utilzes erosion free silverd mirror glass for
each model,Preventing "black edge" and improving

Polished edge
   cut & fragile free.

Bothside edge are perfectly polished.
not easy to crack.Preventing cut and fragile.

Silvered mirror
   Beautiful reflection.

Norhs use eco-friendly crystal clear mirror.high reflective,
giving clear and lifelike image Norhs Mirror,make you bright

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Our Team

Managing Director
Email: jane@norhs.com
Ms. Jane

Product Manager
Email: info@norhs.com
Mr. Deven

Customer Supervisor
Email: rosa@norhs.com

General Manager



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