modern bathroom basins

Hand Wash Modern Bathroom Basins Sinks

  • Model:NAB002
  • Size:400x400x135 mm
  • Port:GuangZhou / ShenZhen / Foshan
  • Product Overview

    Modern bathroom basins for Australian market
    Basin bathroom sinks, suit for hotel, apartment and home use
    Simple round shape bathroom hand basins, fit to any counter top


    1. Matt white modern bathroom basins
    2. Glossy white available
    3. Low water absorption hand wash basin
    4. NEW ARRIVAL basin bathroom sinks

    hand wash basin
    modern bathroom basins
    basin bathroom sinks

    Norhs Vision

    bathroom lighted mirror

      "Considering the habits of user (every day so many times we spent in front of mirror, whenever we leave the home in the morning or back home after work). We designed and Completed Bathroom mirror series offering more choices for people with different tastes, to feel and reflect them in a lifelike image" Said by Chief Designer and Ergonomics Engineer Dr.Bella,Norhs.

      Diversified products in different styles, sizes and angles or arcs present clients with different beauty of bathroom Mirror, to see ourselves, to touch who we are.

      Time in the bathroom makes you know life better
      Idea on the bathroom makes you enjoy life better
      Space for the bathroom makes you love life more

      That's Vision of each piece of Norhs Mirror. Illuminate your space Bright up our life.

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